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Show Customers Your Appreciation at Your Next Event!

Customer Appreciation day is Saturday, April 1st. If you plan on having an office party or outdoor event to honor your customers, why not look like a pro! Making your event look more professional can help drive more business and motivate customers to return and generate new ones by word of mouth.

Make memories last by ordering customized apparel or t-shirts for your event. Encourage your staff to wear them the day of so customers know who works at your company versus another face in the crowd. What else can you do to make your company look like all-stars? We can help…

It’s Party Time!

Printing custom Guest Passes with branded lanyards for your customers that are registered will make them feel like VIPs on the red carpet. If you have one spot where everyone arrives, you may want to print a step and repeat banner that has your event logo, along with your company logo for a fancy backdrop. Printing a photo backdrop is a great way to promote your brand on social media since everyone will want to take pictures and share them online!

Don’t forget about other promotional items that could be used during the event like event branded cups and other props that could be used for entertainment.

Planning a company event depends heavily on budget, donations and sponsorships. When you print a custom banner, you can sell advertising space to local vendors that will benefit from exposure at your event.

Before They Leave

As the event draws to an end, be sure to give them something to remember you by! Custom Gift bags or tote bags go a long way, especially if you have items like magnets, apparel and pens that could be used over and over again.

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