Five St. Patrick’s Day Promotions that Work!

Create a superior St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere that will make your bar the talk of the town this year! Southwest Precision Printers has highlighted for you five promotions to generate more revenue that day.

1. Offer a special menu

Make more “green” by promoting green items! Update your menu with Irish-themed drinks.

2. Photo booth

Get some green hats, beads and gold props printed along with a fun backdrop for the St. Patty’s celebration! Maybe have a life-size “Lucky Leprechaun” cut out to welcome patrons!

3. Patty’s day Punch Card

Offer a myriad of options (Irish beer, whiskey cocktails, green margaritas, etc.) and issue punch cards with every option listed. If a customer (or group) orders every drink on the card, they get a free drink!

4. Wear Green

Promote green drinks, food, clothing, etc. Offer a discount to folks that dress up as a leprechaun!

 5. Party items

Be the talk of the town when customers walk out into the streets wearing your promo!

Shamrock Toppers

Green Lumiton Batons

Green Shot Glass Medallion

Flashing Shamrock LED Blinkies

 St. Patrick’s Day can be one of the biggest days of the year for your business, so long as you put in the time and effort!

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