Questions About SWP

If you have questions, you have come to the right place!

General Questions

Where’s my stuff?

If you are unable to find your finished materials, to check the status of an order, contact customer service at support@swpp.com

How long will my print job take?

On average, 5-7 business days for offset, 1-3 business days for digital.

What is the production process?

This is the workflow SWP performs in order to meet due dates.

Estimate > CSR > Enter Job Ticket > Set up > Client Uploads Job via Insite > With Insite, Client is able to view Soft Proof, See Issues, Make Changes > Approval > Hard Proof > Print

Note: You can request a PDF proof using FTP.

What is Insite?

Insite is SWPs exclusive software to load and preview “soft proofs” of your files once it’s quoted by your salesperson. Insite is only for offset printing, not digital.

What stocks does SWP carry in-house?

We can get anything that is expected by the client, though; we carry the following economical paper brands:

Economical Brands

uBrand® Unisource Gloss, Text, Cover, Velvet Finish

Endurance® Gloss, Velvet

Futura® Digital Gloss

Uncoated Brands


Starbrite® Opaque Select

Husky® Digital – best for booklets, brochures, business collateral, direct mail, manuals and newsletters.

Williamsburg Offset – designed for a wide range of weights for all types of jobs, from books to direct mail

Coated Brands



If we do not carry the brand you are looking for, this does delay the timetable and because we would be outsourcing the material with an outside vendor, expect that the stock you seek will add additional costs to your estimate.

How come my turnaround time keeps changing?

It’s important to submit a final job to us to maintain a quick turnaround.

Files that change after a quote is already placed delays the production timetable because we have to re-estimate the new file in the case if the file has additional pages, and/or the specs change from the original submission.

I submitted my approval, why am I waiting for my finished material?

At SWP, there are three major reasons a job can take longer than expected; Paper Unavailability, Press time and outside vendors. We typically deal with outside vendors if we don’t carry the stock you request. Paper Unavailability has occurred before. We receive multiple deliveries a day at our facility. However, natural disasters or unforeseen accidents on the freeway may prohibit us receiving more paper to process the job on time. Lastly, Press time delays do happen; schedules are based on the load of the shop. If you wish to rush the process, contact your salesperson for pricing to receive your materials when you need it.

How can I avoid delaying production, I need this material ASAP.

Notify your salesperson to re-quote and assist in rushing the job. In addition, it helps to include all the information about your job upfront, including the quantity, types of proofs you wish to see, delivery instructions, etc.

We also suggest getting with your salesperson during the design stage regarding papers, ink, varnish and finishing to make the process smoother.

Art Questions

How do I include a bleed?

Bleed is a printing term for artwork referring to the edge of the finished piece. Go to “File” > “Adobe PDF Preset” > “High Quality PDF” > Save your file. On the left rail, select “Marks and Bleeds”. On “Marks”, check “Crop Marks” and “Bleed Marks”. Under “Bleed and Slug”, check “Use Document Bleed Settings” followed by “Export”.Tip: If you press “W” on the outside of your work in the grey area in InDesign, you will be able to see the finished artwork with your bleed. (Just be sure that your artwork goes beyond the red bleed line.)

How do I save a PDF?

Almost all software programs will allow you to generate a PDF file. If you go to “File” on the menu bar, you will find a “Save As” or “Export” or “Print” option. Select PDF.

What file type does SWP prefer when submitting artwork?

For a smooth process, we prefer to work with native files and High Quality PDFs for the best results. PDFs are print ready and are the fastest to work with for digital print jobs.

How do I get great color matching?

If color is critical, we suggest coming in for a press check. SWP is a G7 Certified printer and has a Customer Lounge onsite to for you to review your hard copy proof to ensure the best quality.

Mailing Questions

What do you need besides the artwork?

A mailing list and current mailing permit. Good excel files that include Columns with First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, etc. work with our Variable Data software.

We also want to remind you that when submit your mailing permit, that it is a current one. We have a number of direct mail pieces that don’t go out on time because we learn that the permit is not up-to-date.

Tip: Go to USPS.gov to learn how to update / apply for a permit.

Why is my portrait file expensive?

USPS charges additional for portrait files because of Aspect Ratio. When preparing artwork, be mindful that USPS, not SWP, has size and weight requirements for postcards, envelopes, large envelopes and packages.

Tip: Go to USPS.gov to review size and weight requirements to avoid upcharges.

Why did I need to edit my design?

USPS requires an area for address and postal barcode with a clear background. Designs submitted should be white with a minimum of 3 ½ inches. In order for the postal barcode to clear, USPS barcodes need a clearance of 2in x 4 in. Templates can be found on USPS.

We had many pieces that were undeliverable and were returned to our address, Why?

There are multiple reasons USPS was unable to deliver mailing. USPS typically has 3-4 lines for address labels that are limited to 50 characters per line. Spelling can be a factor as well. For example, street names require Dr., St. Ave., Cir. in order to be delivered to the correct address.