G7 stands for quality under control, using a color spectrophotometer. In this case, a SWP pressman does not “eyeball” the color. Instead the pressman monitors the spectrometer at 50-sheet intervals.

SWP has the honor of holding a GRACoL Master Qualification. G7 calibrates proof-to-press and press-to-press across any printing method.

G7 benefits include:

  • Faster make-ready
  • Greater consistency
  • Higher quality
  • ISO standard press output
  • Reduce costs
  • Less waste
  • Decrease turn-around times
  • Avoid re-makes

Color Spectrophotometer benefits:

  • Measure color bars on sheets
  • Records in database
  • Pressmen check against standards
  • Maintains color balance throughout job
  • Simplifies future reprints
  • AAA-assured accuracy always
  • SWP processes leverage technology
  • Assure color and finish consistency

Responsible Sources

Our FSC certification ensures that our paper products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Sustainable printing products are critical in today's world. SWP is proud to be a FSC Certified Chain of Custody provider. Our paper products are sourced from sustainable and renewable sources, offering the least environmental impact while maximizing local economic impact. 

Learn more about FSC here