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Business Cards: Know How Many to Print

Designing business cards is one thing – knowing how many to print depends on what type of business, seniority level of the individual and what the marketing strategy for using the cards. Order too few business cards and you’re going to miss opportunities, too many and they’ll just collect dust on the shelf.

One thing you may not know is the more you order, the more cost-effective each card becomes. Which can effect final decisions on placing an order when you are ready. If you need some help getting started, check out our business card templates.

Marketing with Business Cards

There are several ways to handout a business card without a handshake involved. Do you ship orders to customers? Include 1-2 business cards in every package. If you have orders picked up, drop several cards in the bag with their invoice.

When to Spend on High Quality

For businesses that drive high value consumers that spend over $1000 per transaction, you may want to use a super think business card or custom shaped cards to stand out from the competition. First impression is key when you find the right opportunity.

The Business Card Challenge

Need a little motivation to use those business cards you printed? Take the business card challenge! We want you to give out 1 business card per business day for an entire month to start. If you can make it that far – extend it to a quarter – then a year! Giving out one business card per business day of the year will help you introduce your company to 250 new people.

So, how many business cards should you print? Start with an order of 1,000 and see how long it lasts you. Contact one of our reps to get started!

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